puik is people

just like you

puik makes design personal. We are driven to provide you with the best, by the best – and are determined to continue doing so.

We are puik.

About Our story

puik represents

with great pride and honor

Label puik represents contemporary Dutch designers. People who we know first-hand and closely collaborate with. Frederik Roijé, Lex Pott, IliasErnst, a.o. The collection has been put together under art direction of Tineke Beunders (Ontwerpduo).
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puik is picky

and invites you to be too

We are selective. Our collection contains the best designs by designers who are just as demanding as we are. Each item is original, produced sustainably, and made of first-class material.
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puik sells

see for yourself

All items from puik’s collection are for sale at one of our 300 retailers. Buyers find us at international fairs or during pop-up events, and everything is available online. Orders are processed immediately and shipped in style.
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