Collection Boeien



Cork, glass

Production method

Mouth-blown glass, CNC milling of cork

Size (w x h x d)

5 x 10 x 5cm


The shaker with a hidden surprise.

Ka-Lai Chan
In collection since 2015

The design style of Ka-Lai Chan can be described as minimal, less is more, narrative yet functional. She wants to bring people closer to the products by telling a story, using particular materials, craft or experience. The design style of Ka-Lai is reflected in the way Boeien is designed: a minimalistic design with as little materials as possible.

Ka-Lai Chan came to this design by experimenting with shapes and materials. What makes this design special, is the combination of glass and cork. Also, a playful effect arises when you tap the pepper and salt set and it starts wiggling.


“Through my creations I want to reveal the hidden values of everyday life, that invites people to develop a more appreciative perspective on the environment.”




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Daan Gescher

Also designed by Ka-Lai Chan