puik represents

with great pride and honor

Label puik represents contemporary Dutch designers. People who we know first-hand and closely collaborate with. Frederik Roijé, Lex Pott, Ilias Ernst, a.o. The collection has been put together under art direction of Tineke Beunders (Ontwerpduo).

About Designers

Lex Pott

“I always try to find the essence in form, material and content.”


Ontwerpduo (‘design-duo’ in Dutch) translates fairy-tale ideas into functional designs to surprise the world.

Frederik Roijé

“The close relationship between interior products and humans makes it much more interesting working on designs.”

Ilias Ernst

“Combining functionality with design is what I enjoy the most.”

Isabel Quiroga

“As a designer I am aiming the balance between functionality and aesthetics.”

Nieuwe Heren

“In our designs we’re actually quite selfish, we design what we like. We just hope the rest of the world likes it too.”

Ka-Lai Chan

“Through my creations I want to reveal the hidden values of everyday life, that invites people to develop a more appreciative perspective on the environment.”

Siebring & Zoetmulder

“Art and function come together to create poetic designs.”

Rianne Koens

“I’m inspired by the Eastern culture which I transform into simple Western interior designs to meet domestic needs.”

Lara van der Lugt

“My style can be described as graphic, clean and use of simple materials. I try to create the biggest effect with minimal means.”