Gift season page

It is the season to give

time to think about gifts for your loved ones.

Puik loves the gift season, who doesn’t? December is in sight, time to start thinking about presents. Puik has some accessories that make the perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones. And because we like presents, we give you 5 Seco coasters for free on every order above €100. That is very tempting, isn’t it?

All the accessories will be gift wrapped!

Gift ideas


Serve your drinks in style with our Rare carafe made of crystal glass. Our Rare is the perfect gift, especially when you give it in combination with our Radiant glasses. The set will steal the spotlight, it would be a gift to never forget.


Our radiant glasses are the perfect gift for every water, wine or whiskey lover and will make you enjoy every sip. Besides that, they are shaped like diamonds, do we need to say more?! Their unique shape allows you to set them down in a variety of ways, creating beautiful reflections.


For everyone who is always too late or for the ones that just need a stylish clock, our Clork is the best gift ever. Make time for style with this beautiful clock made of cork, it is the perfect fit in every interior.


Spice up your tablesetting and your food with this cute couple. This is the perfect gift for everyone who is playful and dynamic, just like our Boeien.

     Monday mug

The perfect gift for all the coffee and tea lovers! The Monday mugs are stylish but also practical, because they are stackable. Available in three gorgeous colours and in 2 different sizes, there is a perfect match for everyone.


The perfect gift for all the savers or for the creative ones. Customize our Tammy money bank made of paper pulp.


Our Sico silicone drink coasters make the most of any beverage. Make your own design by puzzling with our Sico coasters in different colours.

     Gift wrapped

All the accessories will be gift wrapped in gold paper to create the perfect gift!

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